Internet Searching

Smart Ways for Internet Searching

Life today is similar to an open book. You do not need a photographic memory to get through. In fact all that you need is a computer, a browser and Internet access. Anything under the sun can be accessed from the Internet if you only know how to use search engines to your advantage. The prime search engine – Google – produces millions of results for any search in a lightning fast manner. But often when you start seeing the results you will find that many results are meaningless to your intended keywords.

This is because search engines produce general results. A search for caterpillar for example will show both the insect and the giant construction equipment manufacturing company. How then can you narrow your search to get only the results that you want?

Here are a few tips for smart searching, based primarily on Google search engine.

Do not use generic keywords

Generic keywords throw up huge volumes of search results that will in most cases not be useful to you. For example if you want to know about the migratory patterns of the white whale and you search with “white whale” on Google, you will get 40,90,000 results that also include Moby Dick too. Hence, narrow down your search with unique and specific words.

Use (-) to narrow down the search

Terms that can have multiple options give results that are not expected. The example of caterpillar given above is a case in point. The minus operator can help remove a large chunk of unwanted results. When you are searching for the insect caterpillar, put Caterpillar – Inc to eliminate company results being included and to further refine the search according to your requirements.

Do not use suffixes

Do not use suffixes. It is best to focus on the base word only. If you are looking for tiger, use that word only and not tigers. That will include results that you will not find useful at all. Similarly, if you want to know about sleep and its various problems use that word only and not sleeping. The exception to it is when you want to know about the activity. Use sleeping and not sleep or walking and not walk in such circumstances only.

These are some of the ways to get the most from your Internet searching without being flooded with a lot of irrelevant results and ones that do not precisely match your requirements.