The world today is run by computers and the Internet. Both have become so closely linked in the lives of human beings that it is impossible to even think of an existence without them. Computers and the Internet are routinely used by everyone but very few know the complexities behind them, how they evolved and the basic technologies that they run on. It is important that a general awareness on the subject be created amongst people who are constantly accessing them. This is actually the mission of and the team of bloggers and researchers on our blog site.

What can you the reader expect from our blog site? First, like many other sites that cater to the same niche, we do not focus on one topic. It is our experience that sites usually cater to one of the many topics on the subject – hardware or software, rising technologies or reviews. But we have something of interest for everyday. On our site, you will find blogs on subjects as varied as the rise of computers and the history of the Internet to latest software and operating systems, from new technologies to the latest innovations in the field.

There is another area that we focus on and that is the World Wide Web. Browsing the web has almost become second nature for everybody. At a moment’s notice, people take out their smart phones for a round of online shopping or for sending emails or instant messages. But few are aware that there are unscrupulously elements and hackers round the corner who are waiting to get at your personal information and passwords while you browse the Internet.

This is why, we have blogs on such subjects as precautions that need to be taken while opening online accounts or parting with credit card information or what to look out for to ensure that the site is safe and fully protected from hackers. Very few know that http// is not enough in URLs and any transaction online should only be carried out on sites that have https//.

All this and much more can be picked up from blogs on our site